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Assistant state's attorney Kate Campbell believes in truth, justice, and hard work. The youngest attorney in Cook County's felony review division, she's determined to make a difference—even if it means occasionally bending the rules. When a case forces her to work with the man she rejected five years earlier, she can't help but wonder what might have been.

Ethan Bradfield spent the past five years rebuilding his life. Devastated by Kate's rejection, he walked away from a promising legal career and the life he expected to lead. When an assassination attempt on his boss, Congressman Owen Brown, brings Ethan face-to-face with Kate, he's not about to give up his second chance—regardless of the cost.

Criminal defense attorney Blake Edwards battles with Kate inside the courtroom, but outside of it, he's looking for a more intimate relationship. A rising star in Chicago, Blake gets what he wants—and he wants Kate.

One dedicated female attorney, two tenacious men, one volatile case…Opening arguments are just the beginning.


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Meet Lia St. James.  

She's the ultimate small town girl—public school student, hamburger and fries enthusiast, and blue jeans fan. She lives with her mom in Four Winds, Ohio, dates the town mechanic's son, and has a summer job lined up at the local diner. What she knows about high society could fit on the end of a toothpick.  

But all that changes when Lia's mother dies, and Lia moves to Boston to live with her mother's parents—whom she has never met. With only a small suitcase, she enters the appealing but oppressive world of privilege her mother escaped from seventeen years earlier.  

When her grandparents enroll her at Fairhaven, an exclusive private school, Lia is thrust into a world of glittering parties, clothes by designers she's never heard of, cute but conceited boys who won't take no for an answer, and jealous girls who will do anything to get to the top. Despite the academic challenges and dog-eat-dog social life, Lia slowly gains a foothold in her new world, making friends with one of the scholarship students and the editor of the school paper. Simultaneously, she attracts the attention of Fairhaven's big man on campus and faces the wrath of his numerous exes.  

As her first semester comes to an end, will this unexpected debutante stay true to herself or will she succumb to the temptation to fit in? How will she react when she discovers her father's identity? And what will she do about the blond Adonis with a trust fund the size of Fort Knox who continues to pursue her?  


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