I couldn’t tell you when I fell in love with books, but I know it was in early childhood. My first memory is of my mother reading to me. She never imagined that years later she would be yelling at me to stop. I admit  I had a tendency to tune her out when I was lost in the words of Carolyn Keene, Kathryn Kenny, and L.M. Montgomery. With time, my tastes matured, and my favorite authors now include Tom Clancy, Nora Roberts, Johanna Lindsey and, yes, William Shakespeare. 

I started writing stories in second grade and continued throughout high school. I loved mysteries and suspense and found myself thinking of creative ways to “bump off” people – not my teachers, of course - during some of my more boring classes.    

My love of reading, writing and research sent me to law school, but I returned to writing fiction when I started homeschooling my daughters.  I’m currently working on writing my fourth novel. Novels two and three are in the  editing process. 

I spend my free time (what free time?) exercising and listening to music, usually at the same time. I live in Northwest Indiana with my husband, three daughters, and a spoiled cocker spaniel puppy aptly named Princess.